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Software setup

To get you up and running, Pycom provides a suite of tools to assist with developing and programming your Pycom Devices:

  1. Drivers: If you are using Microsoft Windows, you might be required to install drivers for our products to function correctly.
  2. Pycom firmware update utility: This tool automates the process of upgrading the firmware of your Pycom device. It is important that you use this tool before you attempt to use your device. Not only to ensure you have the most stable and feature packed firmware, but also to ensure all the functionality of your device is enable. E.g. this tool also activates your two year free sigfox connectivity.
  3. Development Environment: Pymakr is a plug-in for Atom and Visual Studio Code developed by Pycom to make development for Pycom modules super easy. It allows you to use your favourite text editor while simplifying the process of uploading code to the device.


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