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What is Pybytes?

Pybytes is a device management platform that empowers you by giving you full control over your Pycom devices. With Pybytes you have control over your device’s data stream and more:

  • Visualise the sensor data according to your interests by using our customisable dashboard;
  • Check the status of your entire fleet;
  • Track of your assets with our geolocation feature;
  • Distribute firmware updates on a scalable approach.

In a nutshell, Pybytes is an environment designed to optimise your IoT applications when using Pycom boards.

What does Pybytes offer you?

  • Data Visualisation: The Pybytes dashboard is customisable, allowing you to freely set up key performance indicators and time series data from all your sensors.
  • Intelligent notifications: Keep track of your device’s status, battery level, data streaming and measurements with pre-defined alarms.
  • Terminal: Execute commands to gather accurate information from your devices using Pybytes terminal shell.
  • Firmware updates over the air: Upgrade or downgrade firmware versions with our exclusive firmware update.
  • Track your assets position: Google Maps API means you can track your device’s geolocation.

Let’s get started!


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